We develop and deliver solutions for control over heavy machinery and mobile equipment. These are a few of the industries where our systems and products can be used.

Styrsystem för bygg- och entreprenadmaskiner


Hydratronics’ various control systems can be found on everything from excavators, backhoes and wheel loaders to mobile cranes and machines for controlled drilling. Being able to angle, rotate and tilt buckets, blades and grips etc., is a prerequisite for flexible work, especially in tight quarters.

Styrsystem för skogsmaskiner

Forest industry

Reliable systems and precise control are necessary for forestry machinery that handle long and heavy loads. Hydratronics solutions are used for harvesters, forwarders, delimbing machines, logging lorry cranes, chip machines, etc. Common functions include everything from complete control of a machine to control of individual functions.

Styrsystem för kranar och truckar

Logistics and loading

Everything from large port cranes to forklifts can use Hydratronics systems to control lifting equipment. Our systems can control everything from powertrains and cab positions to cranes and outriggers. In addition, we can monitor that maximum loads are not exceeded and that temperatures and pressures are in the desired range.

Styrsystem för jordbruksmaskiner


Today's agriculture is dependent on the efficient use of machines such as tractors, combine harvesters and spraying and silage machines. Hydratronics can supply systems for controlling both vehicles and vehicle-mounted equipment.

Styrsystem för gruvmaskiner

Mining industry

Hydratronics control systems make drilling rigs, loaders and other machines easy to manoeuvre and control for efficient and safe work in tough mining industry environments.

Specialanpassade styrsystem för maskin och hydraulik

Specialised machines

Many different specialised machines use Hydratronics systems to control both mobile and stationary equipment. Some examples are street sweepers, sorting cranes for metal recycling, railway maintenance machines and various types of mills.

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