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Control units

Our various control units constitute the core of the control system and can be combined with each other to create customized solutions. The control units can be used to control a machine's basic functions, such as engine and driveline, as well as the hydraulics for various types of mounted equipment, such as excavators, cranes, drill rigs and more.

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Display units

All our displays have an interface that can be customized and configured for the specific application and branded with your own logo. Input is either via buttons or touchscreen.

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Joysticks för hydraulisk styrning

We have joysticks and grips that are suitable for the vast majority of applications, with space for switches, rockers or thumb wheels. All components are proven and tested, featuring high IP class and long service life.

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Rockers för hydraulisk styrning

We have rockers with high sensitivity that are built to last. All our rockers are based on the Hall sensor technology. Choose from several different designs.

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Pedaler för hydraulisk styrning

We have a broad selection of various pedals for floor or vertical installation, all with several different types of outputs, and the capability to customize signals and switches based on different needs. All pedals are built for long service life and can also be used in damp or dirty environments.

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Sensorer för precis mätning i tuffa miljöer

We have more sensor variants and versions than we can show. Regardless of the type of sensor your application requires, we can advise you on which component selection gives you the best solution, adapted for different demands for accuracy in measurement.

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Our brands
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OEM systems in half the time

Hydratronics has solutions that allow you to develop your control system quickly and easily, using modular software, templates and ready-made function blocks. Our control system is used on logging truck cranes, tiltrotators, agricultural machinery, drilling rigs and many other specialized applications.

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Performance & precision High technical performance for precise control and tough requirements.
Reliability Developed for demanding applications and environments.
Cost-effectiveness Develop your control system faster and more efficiently using our development platform.
Graphical programming Graphical programming for application development, service & maintenance.
Simulation mode Evaluate and troubleshoot faster using simulation of all or parts of the program code.
Custom interface Design your own GUI using custom menus and application specific icons.
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