The KGK way

‘The KGK way’ clarifies our core values – Knowledgeable, Reliable and Open – and provides overall guidance for all our employees. Our core values show who we are and what we stand for.

In the KGK-group, we believe in the inherent driving force of the individual. We are firmly convinced that all employees want to do a good job, contribute towards KGK’s development and achieve our goals. In order to do so, our managers and employees need to work together. Although leaders and employees have different roles to play, they are two sides of the same KGK coin.

Employeeship should be characterised by employees taking their own responsibility and always striving to do their best. Leadership should create the right conditions for employees to succeed in this.

We believe that a mutual relationship with good dialogue between managers and employees is the best way to ensure every employee’s commitment, motivation and responsibility.

We are all ambassadors for our three core values, based on our role as a leader or an employee.




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