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OEM systems in half the time

Hydratronics has solutions that allow you to develop your control system quickly and easily, using modular software, templates and ready-made function blocks. Our control system is used on logging truck cranes, tiltrotators, agricultural machinery, drilling rigs and many other specialized applications.

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Performance & precision High technical performance for precise control and tough requirements.
Reliability Developed for demanding applications and environments.
Cost-effectiveness Develop your control system faster and more efficiently using our development platform.
Graphical programming Graphical programming for application development, service & maintenance.
Simulation mode Evaluate and troubleshoot faster using simulation of all or parts of the program code.
Custom interface Design your own GUI using custom menus and application specific icons.
Terminal för styrsystem

We deliver components of the highest quality for your control system.

We can provide you with components adapted for rough environments and designed so that they can be flexibly adapted based on specific requirements and wishes. A joystick that feels right in the hand, a pedal with the right foot angle and display units that provide easy access to important information and gives the operator full control of the equipment.

Control units Modular hardware that can be installed at any position on the machine.
Displays With the option of adapted or customized interfaces for each application.
Joysticks Joysticks for good ergonomics and precision.
Pedals For full control and safety even in harsh environments.
Sensors For accurate measurement and full control over important values.
Software Flexible software customized for your application. Faster development with templates and ready-made function blocks.
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Our owners

Hydratronics is part of the KGK Group

A stable and long-term owner

Hydratronics AB is fully owned by KG Knutsson AB, which also owns Autoexperten AB, KGK Motor AB, KGK Fastigheter AB and KGK Semel AB. The group's parent company KGK Holding AB has similar holdings in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

40 years of experience


With over 40 years of experience in developing control systems for hydrostatic transmission, we know the value of innovation, but also the importance of long-term product care. With us as your partner, you can be sure of receiving service, support and access to spare parts throughout the life of the delivered system.

World-class logistics

We use group-wide functions for order processing, logistics and delivery. This way we take advantage of the large company's economies of scale and quality assurance at a lower cost than what we could otherwise offer.


With us as your partner, you can feel confident that logistics and deliveries will run smoothly.

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